$ 10.00 - 234.00
$ 10.00 - 234.00
The application deadlines for the VONA PUBLISHING PARTNERSHIPS are as follows:

AWAY: Experiments In Travel & Telling 

Oberlin’s new literary travel journal & digital initiative will devote an entire issue (4 essays + 1 photo essay) to VONA Travel Writing! Whether it’s a semester away, immigration, vacation, or road trip, whether we choose to travel or are forced to move—whether we are adopted, exiled, escaping. The world is not the one of center and periphery, the traveler setting out to report on a place that is not-home; it’s the world of the contact zone, where people from different places with different experiences interact, where everywhere you go is somebody’s home and someone else’s elsewhere.

Deadline: Midnight October 1, 2015 (Eastern Daylight Time)

THE RUMPUS: The online urban hipster coffee shop.

The former home of Roxanne Gay and Cheryl Strayed will launch a 6-week VONA Personal Essay Series (1 essay per week) from January through March 2016 (leading up to VONA’s application deadline). Work must be original (no blog posts) and intersect culture. Publications will be illustrated by artists selected by the Rumpus. 

Deadline: Midnight November 1, 2015 (Eastern Standard Time)


Where food and travel meet, by those with intimate knowledge of place but not a publication history; by communities marginalized by traditional media; by historical subjects not given the opportunity to construct narratives from their own POV in their own voices. This gorgeous journal has committed to highlighting VONA travel & food writing for a year! You will be interviewed and highlighted on social media, in addition to receiving $200 per article. 

Deadline: Ongoing    


This gorgeous, acclaimed literary travel magazine (Best Travel Blogs 2014, National Geographic Traveler; 2013 Lowell Thomas Silver Medal; 2013 Best American Travel Writing) will launch a VONA Travel Writing Series (details TBD)! Stories may be multimedia or interactive; with a strong sense of place, character or time; long features about places you’ve never heard of, photo essays of how life really is away from tourist destinations, 1st-person testimonials of what life is like in another country/culture. 

Deadline: TBA


All past and present VONA participants may submit to 1 or all publications, for a maximum of 4 submissions. All we ask is that you pay it forward.

1) Study the publications and guidelines so that you can write a professional cover letter that explains how/where your piece fits the publishing partner. 

2) Each time you submit, please contribute to VONA! Faculty Member Faith Adiele is volunteering her time as guest editor in hopes of developing a culture of honoring our ancestors/paying it forward. (So every time you share good news on VONA’s FB page, or in this case, use VONA to enhance your career, consider making a donation to ensure that VONA can pay faculty and staff; provide scholarships to the next generation of writers of color; and advance its mission of changing the literary landscape.)